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Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Hip arthroscopy is a surgery in which the doctor makes a few incisions and inserts a camera, or arthroscope, into an incision to inspect the joint including bones, tendons, cartilage, and muscles. If an issue is diagnosed, a repair can be performed during this same procedure making it more cost-effective for the patient.

Due to the small instruments used for this procedure, small incisions can be used. This results in less pain for the patient as well as, less joint stiffness, and a shorter recovery time.



A total hip replacement is when a surgeon replaces a hip joint with an artificial one, helping the patient by reducing pain and improving movement. This procedure is done from the front of the hip, which allows the surgeon to use a smaller incision to help decrease postoperative pain and shorten downtime.

Hip arthroscopic surgery is one where the surgeon can pinpoint the exact problem spot within the joint and scrape out any tissue that may need to be removed. The surgeon can also make repairs to tendons and cartilage if needed.

Both of these procedures target the hip joint, but the overall condition of the patient’s hip is what matters most when deciding what procedure will work best for each patient. Typically arthroscopy is a great choice when it comes to repairs and minor tissue damage. However, a total hip replacement may be recommended if the damage to the joint is beyond repair.

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