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What is General Orthopedics?

General orthopedics is a branch of medicine that helps people with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems. It focuses on the complete and coordinated treatment of a wide range of orthopedic diseases.

Orthopedists or orthopedic doctors are sometimes used to describe the doctors who work in this area of medicine. These doctors have had a lot of training in how to handle conditions and injuries that affect a patient’s joints, bones, or soft tissues.

Here at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, our General Orthopedists provide comprehensive treatment for a variety of orthopedic conditions and musculoskeletal issues. Whether you have suffered a fracture, sprain, or sports-related injury, our team of General Orthopedic Surgeons will provide you with the quality care you expect from the best orthopedic team in Knoxville Tennessee.

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We provide our patients with More Locations and Convenient Care in East Tennessee, including Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City and Sevierville.

Preparing for Orthopedic Surgery

Getting ready for surgery can be nerve-wracking, but don’t worry, our TOA team is here to help you every step of the way. Getting ready for orthopedic surgery requires a few important steps.

At first, you will get a thorough medical exam to check your general health and make sure you are a good candidate for surgery. Depending on the type of surgery, tests like blood work, imaging scans, or heart tests may need to be done before the surgery.

It’s important to talk to your doctor about all of the drugs and supplements you’re taking, as some may need to be changed or stopped before surgery.

You’ll also get special instructions about what to eat and drink on the day of the surgery. If your treatment requires you to stay in the hospital, it’s important to plan for help at home afterward. This could mean getting help with daily tasks, making meals ahead of time, or making changes to your home to make it easier to move around.

Your doctor will give you detailed instructions that are made for your unique surgery and personal situation. Remember that you need to be involved in this part of the process if you want the surgery to go well and your healing to go smoothly.

How to Avoid Orthopedic Issues

As the body’s support system, bones need to be healthy and strong. Bone health needs to be kept up with regular exercise. Exercise will also keep you from having problems with your bones and joints in the future.

Diet and nutrition are also important to the health of your bones and joints. Getting enough calcium and vitamin D in your food will help your bones stay strong and healthy. Having less caffeine and alcohol and not smoking are vital for a healthy lifestyle that will affect your bones and joints.

General Orthopedic Care in Knoxville

Our team of orthopedic doctors is made up of experts who are board-certified and have a lot of experience in their field. They have helped a lot of people in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Sevierville, and Lenoir City get better without pain and with confidence. If you have pain in your joints or can’t move around because of arthritis, an illness, or an accident, our orthopedic doctors can help you feel like yourself again.

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