What Is A Physiatrist?

by | Jul 16, 2013 | News

A physiatrist is a doctor who has specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They are trained to treat all manner of patients with varying causes of dysfunction in the body, whether neurologic (from stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury) or musculoskeletal (arthritis, muscle strain, spinal stenosis).
Samuel Yoakum, D.O. who has specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, is the newest addition to the Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance family of specialists.

“A significant amount of time is spent on learning physical diagnosis and manipulation, states Dr. Yoakum. “ I was awarded a teaching fellowship during medical school and spent an extra 12 months specializing in this prior to residency.”
Dr. Yoakum describes his approach to patient care. “My focus when evaluating my patients is on their functional capabilities. What injuries or issues are limiting their daily activities? I perform in-depth analyses by focusing heavily on physical examination and image interpretations. I listen to their complaints and educate them on the causes and involve them in the process of change.”
Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance understands that the needs of their patients require a fully specialized staff to see to each of their needs. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Samuel Yoakum to our group. He begins practicing at our TOC Spine Parkwest location in mid-July.