Testimonial From Patient Lee Solomon

Patient testimonial from Lee Solomon.

Dr. Wells told me I was born with a naturally small spinal canal anyway so over the years with arthritis build up, I guess it just got really bad. I was splitting firewood and just kind of thought I tweaked it and it started to get a little bit better and then I thought I was okay. I went out to do it again and that time just lit the fuse to the whole problem. When he got the MRI and then I come in with my first visit and he read that and he showed me how bad it was. And he said, “This is what we’re going to have to do.” A laminectomy is where they go in and put the screws and the rods and the cages. I have six screws, two rods and two cages in my spine.

Dr. Wells, he wasn’t kind of like any other doctor. This is the time the COVID started. They were wanting to cancel these spine surgeries. And he said, “Lee, I’m not letting them cancel your surgery.” He said, “That’s not going to happen.” He said, “You getting to where you can’t walk anymore.” I was one week short of five months, I was back on the job. I would recommend Dr. Wells to anybody that has this kind of problem, because he is very intelligent. He’s thorough and he’s takes great pride in his craft and I sense that. And if I had to have this surgery done 10 more times, he would do them all. And I’m just thankful for him and he’s a God send. I’d recommended him to anybody that is in this kind of pain and had this kind of problem.

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