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Arthroscopic Hand & Wrist Surgery

Arthroscopic hand and wrist surgery use tiny incisions, miniaturized instruments, and a diminutive camera to repair damage or injury to the hand and wrist. Arthroscopic wrist surgery can be used to treat a wide variety of wrist injuries and ailments, from carpal tunnel syndrome to fractures and more.


Our hands and wrists are constantly in motion, so injury to the wrists is incredibly common. There are many types of wrist surgery that our orthopedic surgeons regularly conduct here in East Tennessee. These common types of wrist surgery include:

Trigger finger release – Trigger finger is caused when the protective sheath around the tendon of the finger is damaged, preventing the finger from extending fully. Trigger finger release surgery allows the finger to once again regain its full extension.

Carpal tunnel surgery – Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common wrist issues that bring people in to see an orthopedic surgeon. Carpal tunnel is aggravated by overuse of the hands and wrists, such as typing, scrolling through the phone, or doing construction or mechanical work. Carpal tunnel surgery releases the pressure on the affected nerve, relieving pain and numbness.

Ganglion cyst removal – Ganglion cysts are common, non-cancerous sacks of fluid that occur on the wrist and hands. In arthroscopic ganglion cyst removal, your orthopedic surgeon will use miniature instruments to remove the cyst in an outpatient procedure.

Tendonitis surgery – Tendonitis causes pain, swelling, and aching in the hands and wrists. Arthroscopic tendonitis surgery can relieve the pressure within the wrist and alleviate pain.

Broken wrist surgery – Wrist fractures are common in patients of all ages. Arthroscopic broken wrist surgeries can prevent a broken wrist from healing improperly and resulting in long-term pain.


A broken wrist is so common that one out of every 10 broken bones is a broken wrist. Not every broken wrist requires surgery. But if the broken bones are misaligned, pose a threat to the health of surrounding blood vessels or other structures, or the fracture includes a joint, surgery may be necessary to make sure the break heals properly.

Broken wrist surgery is tailored to the patient and the condition of the break. A common procedure for broken wrist surgery is to use screws and plates to stabilize the bones while they heal. The bones in the wrist are small, delicate, and intricately integrated. That means that a broken wrist must heal precisely to preserve healthy movement.

Wrist surgery with plates and screws stabilizes the bones of the wrist as they heal so that the bones heal in their proper place and preserve the function of the wrist. A broken wrist usually takes around six months to heal.

The plates and screws used for a broken wrist are typically left in place forever. They are small and low-profile, so they’re not noticeable to the patient. Made of titanium, wrist plates and screws are not picked up on airport metal detectors.

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