Ribbon Cutting on Bearden Hill

On Friday, August 13th at 10:30am we celebrated the opening of our third Quick Care Ortho Clinic location on Bearden Hill with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Although the location officially opened last year, guidelines at the time did not permit a formal celebration. This belated ceremony follows the opening of Quick Care Ortho Sevierville in May 2019 and Quick Care Ortho Parkwest in 2014.
Quick Care Ortho is an exclusive service provided by TOC to offer fast access to orthopedic specialists, saving the patient both time and money by avoiding the emergency room. Patients can simply walk in or designate a time online with the priority access feature.
“In a time of increasingly large deductibles and overcrowded ER facilities, we have found this to be a welcome service for our current and new patients,” states Dr. Edward Kahn, Chief Medical Director for Quick Care Ortho. “Patients save money since they are charged a clinic visit rather than an ER visit and our team specializes in only orthopedic injuries and conditions, which enables us to quickly pinpoint the issue and set a targeted treatment plan for the patient.”
Two of the current locations, Bearden and Parkwest, also offer onsite physical therapy. This allows the patient to begin therapy immediately if needed. Whether it is compression and cold therapy or assistance learning how to use an unexpected pair of crutches, TOC is committed to getting patients back on their way.
“Our patient population expects quick, efficient access to care. In the event of a sprain/strain or worse, a fracture, they don’t want to wait to see a specialist and they shouldn’t have to,” explains Earl Anderson, CEO. “We embrace this opportunity to provide immediate access and care from high quality, top rated orthopedic specialists. This model is designed to meet and exceed patient expectations.”
The new Bearden location offers clinic hours from 8am-8pm Monday through Friday and 11am-3pm on Saturdays.