Outpatient : Total Joint Replacement – Bridget Peterson’s Success Story

I work as a nurse practitioner and so I see lots of people. We make lots of referrals to specialists and one of the patients I saw, said that he had picked Doctor Yau and so I thought, you know what? My hips been hurting.

I finally made an appointment with Doctor Yau and he was fabulous. I mean, I walked in, I got all the x-rays and then he came in and he said, “Well,” and he showed me the x-rays. He’s like, “You need a hip replacement.” He said he would do the anterior approach. He and the PA told me that because it was less invasive and a little better healing and didn’t have to disrupt a lot of muscles but instead just pull them apart. I could walk. I can move. I used my walker and then a week later, the cane and having a total hip replacement was amazing to think I was this mobile to me because I just… I didn’t know I would be.
The pre-op session, training session, was about two hours. Is best two hours I could have had because it helped me know what to do. Helped my husband. That was so good to be able to outpatient go. Come home, recuperate at home, familiar surroundings and we have a picture of my daughter and two cats and the dog, all surrounding me. So it was a supportive situation.
What Doctor Yau had told me three years ago, he said, “When it keeps you up at night, come back,” and that’s what I noticed, that the last six months before I had it done, I would roll over onto the hip and it would wake me up because it hurt. I’m really kind of high-speed and so now my hip can keep up with me.

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