Hip Preservation Surgery – Medical Advances In Hip Care

by | May 13, 2013 | News

Most people have never heard of Hip Preservation Surgery and even fewer orthopedists are specialized in the procedure itself. However, TOC’s Paul Yau is one surgeon who has not only studied the surgery, but is well versed in the probable causes and diagnosis of patients experiencing pain and discomfort in their hips.
Hip Preservation encompasses several different types of surgery designed to correct hip deformities and other structural problems that might normally have required a total hip replacement.
Yau explains that in some cases patients are born with a deformity in their hip. And as they age or begin doing certain sports or activities, the discomfort increases to the point that their lives are adversely affected.

In others, it can be explained by repetitive behavior. Yau states “As children get active earlier and focus on one sport or activity earlier, the overuse of their joint can cause structural problems in the hip. Correct diagnosis is infrequent simply because this is a condition most doctors have not been trained to look for.”

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