Dr. Robbin’s Medical Mission to Haiti

by | Nov 8, 2014 | News

Elaine Hauk

It’s because there is a need. It’s because of the desperate poverty. It’s because of his compassion for others and his passion for healing that Dr. Randall Robbins makes the trek to Haiti each year.
Since 2003, Dr. Robbins has been working with St. Mary’s Catholic Church and its Twinning Program to bring much needed medical aid to the Haitian Parish St. Louis Du Nord.
Currently, they have placed two full time nurses in two clinics that provide basic medical care year round to the people living in nearby villages. They treat everything from malnutrition to infections. Dr. Robbins occasional performs basic surgery.
Why has he been doing this for over 11 years? “It’s because we are making a difference,” he says.
To help raise much needed funds for the purchase and delivery of essential medicines and supplies, Robbins also participates in the annual St. Mary’s 4 Mile Haiti Run for Health. This event is held in May in Oak Ridge and is instrumental in keeping this important medical mission funded.