Dr. Pesut Demonstrates the Myerson Wrap

The Myerson Wrap

I’m Dr. Tracy Pesut, M.D.  On this video, I will demonstrate The Myerson Wrap. This style of bandage is used after a surgery where I’ve repaired a bunion. This wrap helps to keep your big toe in the proper position while you heal.
You will need to wrap your foot in this manner following your two-week appointment until your six-week appointment when you return to the office to see me.

What You Will Need For the Myerson Wrap:

For this bandage, you will need seven four-inch gauze pads, two to three lengths of one-inch tape, two-inch cling, and a two-inch ACE bandage.

Step 1:

After the wound has been cleaned appropriately, unfold the gauze pads and refold them lengthwise like this. We’ll start with the little toe and we’ll put them in between both of the toes with about the even amount on the top and the bottom. You’ll put one four by four between each of the toes, saving two for between the first and second toe.

Step 2:

Once you get those in place, then you can fold them down. The two on the inside will crisscross like a breast cancer ribbon. You want the crisscross to be right behind the joint line. So you can wiggle the toe and find where the joint line is. We’ll then take two more, put them on top and bottom to cover this up.

Step 3:

You will then take your two-inch cling and then wrap at the base to create a good base for the … And connect all the four by fours together. You will then bring the two-inch cling back behind the joint line again and in between the two toes and you’ll make a gentle tug to the inside of the foot.
Make sure you don’t do this too tight. You don’t want to cut off your circulation, you’re not correcting the deformity, you’re just holding the correction that we performed at the time of surgery. And it’ll go through several times. You’ll then take your silk tape and kind of recreate what you did with the two inch cling, creating a base along the mid-foot. Make sure you don’t get this too tight as well. And usually two or three strips are fine.

Step 4:

You’ll then take a long piece of your one-inch silk tape and then you can put it down and make a second one about the same length. These will go between the toes. Once again, crisscrossing it like a breast cancer ribbon. And you want your crisscross to be behind the joint line.
Once again, you want it snug, but not too tight and definitely not cutting off your circulation. And the joint line is right here so you want your crisscross just behind it. If you want to secure it, you can put another strip of silk tape around. This step’s not necessary unless you just feel like the tape isn’t as secure. And once again, you want to make sure it’s not too tight.

Step 5:

And then finally, you’ve got your ACE wrap and this will help with the swelling. So we wrap it just like we did the two-inch gauze, bringing it up and we’ll bring it in between the toes and once again crisscrossing it behind the joint line. And there we go. Then you should be able to wiggle your toes slightly with the wrap.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact my office. I look forward to seeing you at your six-week appointment.

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