Dr. Paul Naylor Awarded Sports Medicine Person of the Year

by | Feb 3, 2020 | News

TATS Trophy

The Tennessee Athletic Trainer’s Society has awarded Dr. Paul Naylor the prestigious Sports Medicine Person of the Year. This coveted award goes to someone who has exhibited extraordinary contributions to sports medicine with an influence on the Athletic Training profession.
Dr. Paul Naylor and Lisa SchuttNaylor, an orthopedic surgeon with Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, has spent over 30 years giving generously of his time and efforts to care for and ready athletes for a safe and productive return to sports. Naylor is the team physician at Webb School of Knoxville and has spent several decades working with athletic trainer Lisa Schutt in caring for the school’s student athletes. “I have spent 30 years with Dr Naylor, says Schutt. He has remained dedicated to the care of the athletes, coaches, faculty, and extended families of the Webb School community. He attends home and away football games often traveling to Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis. He has remained loyal in arranging for athletes to be seen for clinical evaluations as soon as possible and ensuring the athlete, parents and coaches understand the injury process for a safe and timely return to play.”
Shelley Collier, Webb Girls Basketball coach, states, “He is always there ready and willing to do anything to make things better for all of us! I cannot put into words how much he and Lisa mean to our Webb School family and how much they mean to me personally! Dr. Naylor is truly one of a kind.”
“Dr. Naylor has always been there for our athletes and our community, says David Meske, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Webb. I have been in the coaching business for 39 years and have never seen better support than what Dr. Naylor gives our athletic Program.”
As a founding member of Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, Naylor was involved in the development of the Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinic Athletic Training Outreach Program that provides athletic training services to seven area high schools,  in addition to UT intramural and sports clubs.  He provides seminars for educational purposes to those in the athletic training profession and as a mentor and educator to many seeking a profession in the athletic training field.
TOC’s Chief Executive Officer, Earl Anderson, a former athletic trainer, states, “For Dr. Naylor to join the esteemed list of past recipients for this award is most fitting for him and for the Tennessee Athletic Trainers Society. I’m honored to have worked with him for the past 18 years.”