Herniated Disc Specialist for Young Adults in Knoxville, TN

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cervical disc replacement by Colin Booth

Herniated Disc Treatment in Eastern Tennessee

What Are the Symptoms of Disc Herniation in Young Adults?

Disc herniation in young adults often presents with pain that radiates to other parts of the body, as well as numbness or weakness along the affected nerve’s path. If you’re experiencing disc herniation symptoms, a consultation with a spine medicine physician like Dr. Colin Booth at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance is crucial.

What Causes Disc Herniation in Young Adults?

Some common causes of herniated discs in young adults include:

  • Age-related damage
  • Sports or aggressive exercise
  • Obesity and lack of exercise
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Predisposition to the disease

If you are suffering from back pain and suspect a herniated disc, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent further complications and improve your recovery outcome. Don’t wait to seek treatment, our orthopedic urgent walk-in clinics in Eastern Tennessee are available with no appointment necessary.

Colin D. Booth, M.D.Is Disc Replacement Recommended for Young Adults?

For young adults with disc herniation and minimal degenerative changes, Dr. Booth recommends disc replacement surgery. This procedure involves replacing the herniated disc with an artificial one that mimics the natural movement of your spine, relieving pressure on the nerves and decreasing the risk of future spinal issues.

The ideal candidates for disc replacement surgery are typically younger patients, ranging from their late twenties to early forties, with minimal degenerative changes. Our top-rated orthopedic doctors believe these patients benefit the most from disc replacement as it addresses the direct problem without requiring more invasive procedures.

How Does Disc Replacement Surgery Work?

The surgery involves placing two metal plates around the affected area and inserting a plastic disc that allows forward, backward, and side-to-side movement. This artificial disc mimics the natural functionality of the original disc, helping to relieve pressure on the nerves and restore mobility.

Depending on the location of the herniated disc, our herniated disc specialists in Eastern Tennessee may choose to access the spine through the front of the neck. This is often less painful and involves a quicker recovery than posterior approaches. This method avoids cutting muscles by gently moving them aside, using natural muscle planes, allowing for a return to normal activities with proper post-surgery care and physical therapy.

Orthopedic Care for Young Adults with Herniated Discs in Eastern Tennessee

Discover expert herniated disc treatment in Eastern Tennessee at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance. With convenient locations at Fort Sanders Regional, The Tower at Parkwest, Oak Ridge Physicians Plaza, Randall R. Robbins, Lenoir City, Sevierville, and Bearden, exceptional spine medicine is always within reach.

Whether you’re seeking consultation for disc herniation in Eastern Tennessee, advanced treatment options, or a second opinion, our specialized team is dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to your needs. Don’t let back pain hold you back any longer. Visit us at your nearest TOC location and take the first step towards a pain-free life. Book online or call (865) 690-4861 to schedule your appointment and experience the difference expert care can make.

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