Celebrate and Participate in Teacher Appreciation Week!

by | Sep 30, 2013 | News

Each of us can remember a teacher that made a difference in our lives. We watch our children grow because of the teachers that are a part of their lives. Teachers help shape us. Their influence in our lives is probably taken for granted more often than not. So we at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance have decided to remember and appreciate teachers this week. We hope you will, too!
Monday, September 30
Appreciate a teacher by simply telling them thank you. Kind words go a very long way in making someone’s day.
“I had a favorite teacher, Susan Thompson, from Karns highschool yearbook staff. She was our advisor and the best teacher I ever had. She encouraged creativity and independence. She assigned some of the more complex pages to me including coverage of our special needs program. I learned a lot about compassion and communication working with the students, parents and teachers in that group.” Kristy Parker

Tuesday, October 1
Show your appreciation to a teacher by offering your time. Whether it’s during classroom time or after, teachers can always use an extra hand.
“My favorite teacher is Ms. Greene. She teaches at Beaumont Elementary School. She was my son’s Pre-K teacher last year. I feel like she is special because she taught my little boy so much and he was a totally different person by the end of the year. She would do the same activities every month and at the end of the year she sent the folder home to show how much the child learned. She was a great teacher and even though my child has a new teacher, he talks about Ms. Greene every day.” Jerrica L. Varner
Wednesday, October 2
Teachers appreciate books! Donate books to help teachers build classroom libraries of age-appropriate books for their students to read. Check to see what books are on their wish list!
“My favorite teacher is wife Kasey Neil. She has been an elementary Special Ed. teacher for 10 years and has a level of patience and understanding that I can’t even begin to comprehend. Her love for children and teaching is one that I admire and am inspired by.” Brian Neil
Thursday, October 3
Tell your teacher how much you appreciate them! Write a note. Take the time to let someone know how you feel about his/her influence. If it’s your child’s teacher, have him/her participate in the effort.
“My brother, Donnie Woods, is a 4th grade teacher at Powell Elementary.  At 6’ 3”, he is a big guy, but the kids just love him.  He is a gentle giant to them.  He coaches football at Halls High School while also being an interim pastor at his church.  He is married with 4 kids -his son is junior and plays football at Tennessee State University, his eldest daughter just started at Pellissippi State, his younger two daughters work as student trainers at Halls HS, and the youngest plays soccer for Halls HS. Karen Woods

Friday, October 4
Create a gift certificate tree! Teachers personally purchase most of what they need. Invite your classroom to help purchase gift certificates for supplies, books, decorations, coffee and even restaurants. Attach each certificate to a flower pick and insert in a pretty pot or vase. Your teacher will enjoy this gift all year long!
We love our teachers and understand they need our support throughout the year. But it is extra special to have a week that is focused solely on them. Let’s do our part and show our appreciation! We say thanks to all the teachers. What you do truly matters.