Pain In Your Arm Could Be A Shoulder Injury

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Patient Education, Shoulder

John Reynolds is an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Specialists with Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance. He specializes in treating a lot of shoulder injuries, for example, One of the more common things he is asked in the office by patients is about pain they’re having in their arm.

Is it Really Pain in Your Arm?

The way our nerves work is such that our brain will often perceive pain in the mid arm region that is actually originating from something wrong in the shoulder. That arm pain could actually be a tear in the rotator cuff, for example, or it could be some arthritis in the shoulder. It could be a tear in what’s called the labrum, which is a type of cartilage in the shoulder.
Lots of different things could be the source of it actually in the shoulder joint, but frequently the pain is felt further down the arm.

If You Have Pain In Your Arm, You May Need To Get Your Shoulder Looked At

So, that’s one thing that patients are often surprised to hear, but that’s a very common presentation for actually a shoulder problem. That would be something that if you are having pain in your mid arm region that you want to think, “Well, maybe I should get my shoulder looked at,” because that’s often the source of it.


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