When he needed a special bike for his therapy, we were honored to help

by | Sep 6, 2018 | News

Participating with several area charities allows us to continue our dedication to community outreach. Recently, we partnered with the Kiwanis Club in Tellico to help provide a specialized therapy bike to a young Down syndrome patient, Jackson, who also suffers from a muscular disorder called Hypotonia.
Hypotonia has weakened his leg muscles to the point that Jackson cannot stand on his own. Jackson’s physical therapist has been working with a special bike called an Amtryke to help strengthen his leg muscles and recommended he have one at home. He believes that, in time, and with the help of the bike, Jackson will be able to stand on his own. However, the cost of the bikes are substantial and that’s why the Kiwanis Club has a program to help.
Recently, Kiwanis Club members met at TOC’s Central Business Office to present Jackson with his very own Amtryke. The pure joy on Jackson’s face touched all that were in the room. We thank the Kiwanis Club for allowing us to help support their program and for the opportunity to meet Jackson and his family.