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Shoulder Arthritis

Pain and stiffness in your shoulder making it difficult to sleep, put groceries away, or do all the things you need to do around the house? Shoulder arthritis is a common condition that often develops in people over 50, but it can also occur after an injury to the shoulder in people of any age. If you’re struggling with shoulder arthritis, there’s a lot we can do here at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance to help restore the movement in your shoulder and reduce your pain.


Treatments for an arthritic shoulder vary from OTC pain medications to surgery. At Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, we always strive to provide our patients with the best results from the most conservative approach. 

Medication – Prescription and OTC pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines can help relieve the pain and soreness of an arthritis shoulder.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Physical Therapy – Physical therapy can help you increase strength, range of motion, and flexibility in the shoulder. 

Joint surgery – From total joint replacement to more conservative shoulder surgery approaches, patients who do not find adequate relief with less invasive measures often opt for surgery to reduce pain and increase range of motion in the shoulder. 


Shoulder arthritis occurs when the cartilage in the shoulder joint breaks down. Where the shoulder joint once moved freely with healthy cartilage, now the bones of the joint rub together, causing pain, stiffness, and inflammation. 

The shoulder joint is made of two joints – one where the collarbone meets the tip of the shoulder blade, and the other where the upper arm bone meets the shoulder blade. Shoulder arthritis is most common in the joint where the upper arm bone meets the shoulder blade. 

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