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What is Elbow Arthritis?

Arthritis of the elbow is a degenerative disease that causes pain, swelling, stiffness, and a smaller range of motion. In the elbow, arthritis is often caused by the top cartilage wearing away, which causes the bones to rub against each other and hurt.

The condition can be caused by wear and tear over time (osteoarthritis), inflammation in the joint lining (rheumatoid arthritis), or an injury to the elbow. This problem can happen to people due to age, overuse, or trauma.

At Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, early diagnosis and prompt treatment can help control symptoms and keep joints working well.

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  • Pain or soreness in the elbow that doesn’t go away and gets worse with movement or after extended use
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Stiffness that makes it hard to move the elbow
  • Having the elbow joint feel warm
  • A grinding or catching feeling when moving the arm
  • It’s hard to straighten or bend the arm fully
  • Clicking or popping sounds when moving the elbow

If you notice these signs early and see a doctor, you can get a better outcome from your treatment and find relief from the symptoms.


Treatment for arthritis in the elbow is based on how bad the situation is and what the person needs. The goal is always to eliminate pain, make joints work better, and slow the disease down. Here is a list of the available treatments:

Some nonsurgical treatments include:

  • Guided exercises can help improve the range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the elbow as part of physical therapy
  • Medications like pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs that can be bought over the counter can help lessen pain and swelling
  • Wearing an elbow brace can help support the joint and relieve stress on it
  • Joint injections of corticosteroid or hyaluronic acid can help temporarily with pain and swelling

Surgical treatments include:

  • Arthroscopy of the elbow is a minimally invasive treatment that removes damaged tissue or bone spurs to relieve pain and improve movement
  • If the damage is bad enough, joint replacement may be used to replace the destroyed parts of the elbow joint with artificial parts

It is very important to talk to orthopedic experts to figure out the best way to treat each case. Getting help early and in the right way can improve life and keep the elbow joint healthy longer.


At Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance, your joint health and comfort are very important to us. Arthritis in your elbow can make it hard to do everyday things, but it doesn’t have to if you take care of it. Our skilled team is committed to giving you high-quality treatment choices that fit your needs.

For more information, give us a call or schedule an appointment online. Our orthopedic clinic has multiple locations. We serve patients in Knoxville, TN, Oak Ridge, TN, Sevierville, TN, and Lenoir City, TN. Don’t let pain hold you back; reach out to us today for comprehensive and compassionate care.

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