Knee Patient Pays it Forward

by | Feb 6, 2012 | News

“Just do it!” is Dennis Kimbrough’s advice to those considering knee replacement surgery. “The longer you wait, the longer you’ll hurt.”
The 63-year-old Kimbrough had endured knee pain for decades after injuring his knee playing sandlot football in college. Although he had his knee operated on back in 1975 and had been active for decades, in recent years Kimbrough’s knee pain returned.
“It really started hurting,” says Kimbrough. “Some mornings the bottom of my knee would move and the top would stay in place. It was enough to drive you nuts!”
Kimbrough consulted with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Michael Casey at Fort Sanders Regional.
“Dr. Casey told me I had two choices,” remembers Kimbrough. “I could keep doing cortisone shots and wear a knee brace, or get it fixed. I chose to get it fixed!”
Dr. Casey performed a total knee replacement on Kimbrough at the Joint Center at Fort Sanders Regional. Kimbrough is thrilled with the results.
“He went in and he did it! I’ve got a whole new knee. I can walk farther, with less pain than I’ve had in years,” says Kimbrough. “I can’t do cartwheels anymore, but it’s great to be able to walk around now without worrying my knee may pop out of place.”
Choosing Fort Sanders for his knee replacement was a perfect fit for Kimbrough. He was already familiar with the Fort Sanders Joint Center program from serving as a volunteer surgery patient coach at the hospital.
“It was great because I already knew the nurses and therapists. My experience with “Dr. C”, the nurses and physical therapists at Fort Sanders was totally positive!”
Kimbrough continues to coach and encourage Joint Center patients at Fort Sanders.