Bob Hill Shares His Knee Therapy Story

With Alex Diegel, PT
Bob: “My wife, Janie and I have enjoyed hiking for several years with Missy Kane and the Happy Hikers from the O’Conner Center. I was experiencing problems hiking downhill and with steps on the trail. I was very slow and unable to flex my knees fully.
One of our hiking friends recommended that I see Dr. John Reynolds at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance to evaluate and, possibly treat my knees. Dr. Reynolds x-rayed and evaluated my knees and symptoms. I was diagnosed with patellofemoral arthritis and he recommended Physical Therapy for a month to strengthen my muscles. I was happy he did not recommend any invasive treatment!

So, we set up an appointment with Alex Diegel at Park West Towers for my PT. Alex performed a thorough evaluation of my knee function and started me on a series of exercises to strengthen my quadriceps muscles to provide me with better function hiking downhill. He educated me about my arthritis and treatment options.”
Alex: “Bob Hill was referred to me by Dr. Reynolds for treatment of bilateral patellofemoral pain. Upon evaluation, Mr. Hill revealed his love of hiking and how his bilateral knee pain was starting to interfere and prevent him from enjoying his almost weekly hikes. Mr. Hill was an extremely motivated and hard- working patient. He took to heart the advice we gave him and performed the exercises, including his home exercise program, religiously.”
Bob: “As I progressed in therapy, Alex asked me to bring in my hiking boots and we went outside at the Park West complex. He had me hike up and down a fairly steep hill. He observed my mechanics and made recommendations to improve my hiking form, especially when going downhill.”
Alex: “We were able to simulate some of his hiking activities by ambulating up and down a steep grade hill next to our complex which afforded us the opportunity to provide direct instruction and advice with technique in approaching such terrain during his hikes. Mr. Hill progressed exceptionally well in his therapy and was able to return to his recreational activities relatively pain free.”
Bob: “After I completed physical therapy, I received a complete list and explanation of the exercises to continue with my home program. I did them twice a week for several months and once a week for a few more weeks. At the present time, I’m not performing any specific quad exercises but I currently do full body workouts regularly in addition to my hiking. I know that if I started having problems again, I would resume my knee exercises.”
As a result of Alex and the PT, hiking is much more pleasurable and I am more stable going downhill or down rocks and steps. I have contacted Alex by phone several times since the therapy for questions and additional information, which he always provides willingly and in a friendly yet professional manner.”
Alex: “Mr. Hill was a very enjoyable patient and it is always rewarding to know you have a direct impact on returning someone to the activities they love to do in a way which can prolong their duration of the activity. This is something we strive for with each one of our patients on a daily basis.”
Bob: “I’m so thankful to TOC, Dr. Reynolds and especially to Alex! He was extremely thorough, and I liked the clear way he explained my condition and treatment. What really impressed me was the way he took the time and energy to look at what was important to me and mesh my therapy program to my love of hiking!”


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