After my knee scope yesterday with Dr. Parsons

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Knee, Patient Education

After my knee scope yesterday with Dr. Parsons, I wanted to pass a HUGE thank you to Dr. Parsons and all the nurses, staff there that made a very short visit very pleasant. I walked in with moderate knee pain at 6 a.m., and left with none (no crutches) at 9 a.m. After After the pain meds wore off, no swelling, 0 pain scale. 24 hours later, I already feel like a new pain, no pain meds needed. Why did I delay this surgery so long? TN Ortho Clinic has my highest recommendation to all the guys/gals out there who unnecessarily live with moderate joint pain. Needless in 2013 with such a professional staff. Please pass my appreciate to Dr. Parsons and the surgical team there at Park West Towers…on Friday the 13th. Lucky day for me.
– Patrick J. Hough

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